Created by Executives led by Dr. Luiz A. S. Pilotto, the design of PEnergy during its startup phase was  based on the following key elements:


Process & Management




The company was organized with a clear definition of functions and an efficient cooperative structure among the operating groups. This stage was complemented with the definition of tasks for key areas of the company and key people responsibilities.


Our People is the Heart of PEnergy. The group was formed around the definition of a Competence Model, Expertise and a focused selection of a Group of Excellence.


Finally, the design was concluded with a complete mapping of all necessary support systems, applications support and the final Infrastructure definition.

Our Mission defines why PEnergy was created, what we want to be and what is the main reason for having this new company operating at the Brazilian Power Market. Our Vision has to do with targets and where do we want to go with our Company.


Mission: Apply State-of-the-Art High Value          Consulting Concepts to Serve the Brazilian Power Market Agents


Vision: Become the Number One Reference for High Value Consulting in Brazil by 2016  ✔


Our Values are Based on:


The Pursuit of Excellence & Innovation

The Power of Expertise-driven Solutions

The Coordinated Contribution of the

     Individual: Our People - The Heart of PEnergy

And Above All, We Value our Clients and

     the Trust They Place in Us


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